2020 has been a wild year. As a feminine lady, it’s been very hard to remain calm and peaceful. With the whirlwind of events, I wanted to share 4 unique and powerful tips on how to survive the COVID-19 quarantine. Life can come at your fast and I want to say its ok to not know what to do.

As someone who has had the privilege of working from home since early March, it can be very easy to live in 2-day old pj’s and eat ice cream.I’m someone who has to be very cautious of my mental state as it can go off the deep end with the state of all that is going on. For many people, the start of the year was promising and many things are now in the air. Many events canceled and the drive to survive is great.

I can’t give you a cheat code on how to get through this situation without any pain. The one thing I do know from years of poverty and chaos, you can get through it if you focus on the here and now. Keeping yourself focused that this too shall pass and if you take the time to develop and learn you will be able to come out greater.

4 unique and powerful tips on how to survive the COVID-19

4 unique and powerful tips on how to survive the COVID-19

Create a schedule or agenda

One great thing for me is that I am still working which means I’m up at 8 am-ish and start working until 4 pm. This helps me to have something I must do. For those who have a bit more relaxed workplace or if you’re a creative or even someone whose job is in person, I urge you to get up at a set time daily, take care of your self-care needs and put on clothes.

If you don’t have formal work to do, dig deep on projects or subjects you’re interested in. This is a prime time to distract with educational items. One can worry or take action. Worry will not change anything but will drain your energy leaving you parlayed mentally. Action can be taking an online course, writing that book you have always wanted to do or reading.

Be open to pivot and adapt

So things didn’t hit home for me until I couldn’t get half of my Instacart order. I was sweating bullets to see if they could get key items which all came back as out of stock. Even now, getting basic items such as paper towels or toilet paper is still a big miss as I can’t get out as much due to my asthma.

Instead of losing my cookies, I started conserving what I have and started to get creative. For instance, as we need to disinfect items more I ordered some glass spray bottles and created my own cleaning spray. I was low on coffee creamer and found recipes on DIY coffee creamer which I must say taste amazing. You control what you can and flow with the rest.

Businesses that are going to rebound and flourish post virus will be those who were able to be generous and help people at this moment as that will create customers for the future. This can also be applied to your femininity journey, those who can take these uncertain times and make lemonade or a lemon drop will prevail so don’t stop on your goals.

Reflect and revisit goals

We are at the end of the 1st quarter of the year. Now, this isn’t like any other year so be easy on yourself. Take some time to sit with yourself and reflect on your goals. Are they still something you want and if so what can you do now to propel yourself. For many, this virus has put a hold on dating, graduation, new jobs.

For me, this situation has added more pressure on me to launch my styling business, Style with Christian Sismone, as life is short and I don’t want to invest time in a place that I’m not valued in. If you would like to know more, hit the link on the homepage! We often do things for money so we can get by but life is more than just coasting.
If you find your goals aren’t inspiring joy and light, this is the time to deep dive into your purpose, devise a plan of action and make bite-size milestones that you can start right now.

Stay in the present moment

Escapism in these times is easy and a bit comforting. That can be by food, drink, constantly on social media or binge-watching Netflix. As hard as it may be, staying in the present moment is going to serve you well. Being in the past you will become depressed about what could have been and being too much into the future you will give yourself anxiety. Yes, plan for the future and learn from the past but stay in the gift of right now, as it’s a present.

If you feel you are feeling scared, angry or just dark take a moment to sit with those emotions and process. What are you feeling as that cookie will not help you. Being in this feminine journey, I have learned that being open to my emotions instead of stuffing them, has allowed hard moments to pass. The sun won’t always shine, but it won’t always be cloudy. Take the gift of the rain to restore and the gift of the sun to bring light.

I hope these tips help you where ever you are in this world. We will get this through this stronger, brighter and more vibrant than before. You have survived every bad day before this one, be safe, wash your hands and live beautifully!