2020 was a wild year to say the very least. My fitness goals at the top of the year we’re looking promising as I had built up the ability to walk 5 miles 3-4 times a week and was hitting all my workouts at the end of 2019. I just knew 2020 was going to be the year that I was going to hit my goal and start wearing less and going out more. With this in mind, I want to do a fitness check-up and give 3 ways to prepare for 2021.

Fast-forward to December 2020, I have made some progress. I have dropped a few dress sizes and have been able to push myself into being more consistent with my workouts and eating habits. Food and I have always had a strange relationship. Growing up it was the only consistent thing in my life that brought some sense of joy. Granted I didn’t always have food to eat but when I did I knew it was pleasurable.

Stress eating and drinking for many has been a way to get through the rollercoaster ride we have had. As one who doesn’t give up easily on her goals, I wanted to share some ideas that I have already started implementing in order to have measurable success in the new year. So here’s how to give yourself a fitness check-up 3 ways to prepare for 2021!

Fitness Check-up: 3 ways to prepare for 2021

1.Assess your current status

Until you call a thing a thing you can’t address it properly. This is one time when I advocate hitting the scale or tape measure to find out where you are currently. Having a honest moment with yourself may be sobering but it will help you know where you are.

Now if you are someone who has had issues in the past with constantly weighing yourself or any food/diet pain points it’s ok to skip this as we don’t need to trigger any emotional responses. The purpose of this step is to know what potential damage has been done.

Fitness Check-up: 3 ways to prepare for 2021

2. Reflect on your vices

Now that you know where you are on the scale or measurements it’s time to reflect on what things we don’t have a lot of willpower or self-discipline to not over indulge. I don’t believe any food is inheriently evil, I do believe some food items have no nutrirtional value and due to our unique digestive tracts may not be in the best interest to consume often or at all.

For me my vice is sweets. Sweets for me always makes me happy when I’m sad or just feel good. This may be deep but I have really reflected that when you are restricted in ways of pleasure and safety you will find other means. For example if you grew up not feeling secure or not having someone to comfort you, you may find other means be it food, drinking or other behavior.

Knowing your vices will allow you to be vigilant and not buy those items. If the item is not easily accessible it can be a deterrent. When I don’t buy baked goods that temptation to snack while scrolling on IG at night goes away. Another way to keep a watchful eye on your diet is to meal prep and plan out your meals using MyFitnesspal.com. I have used this site for years to plan out my meals so I can get a general understanding of my calories, carbs,proteins and fats. It’s free and will give you a good benchmark of your intake.

It may feel extreme at first, but I can vouch when you are intentional about your goals and setting yourself up for success it will benefit you long term.

Fitness Check-up: 3 ways to prepare for 2021

3. Create SMART goals for 2021

The final step in doing a fitness check-up 3 ways to prepare for 2021 is to create SMART goals. Now it would be amazing if you could workout once and drop 20-50 pounds instantly. Since that isn’t the case we have to work smart. SMART means specific, measurable, attainable/achievable, realistic and time bound.

Often times new year resolutions fail because they are just wishes. Oh I would like to drop some weight, find a man and be successful. None of that means anything unless it’s specific such as I want to drop 10lbs over the next 3 months by working out 3 times a week. This hits all the SMART goal factors. We have an exact desired outcome and the method of how it will be obtained.

At times we don’t hit goals because we make them too lofty or too unattainable as a way to stay in our current lot. By making things realistic and focused you have created the plan and you then can work the plan to achieve.

Another thing with making SMART goals it provides you a pulse check on yourself. Why is this a goal for me? Is it because I want to be more visible, to satisfy insecurity or this will allow me to be at my best. Knowing your why or the intention as I have mentioned in this post, will always help you clear any emotional or mental roadblocks. When your path is clear you can take off!

I know 2020 didn’t bring all I desired but it brought me so many great gems that will help me evolve into the woman I need to be. As a last thought, sometimes the dreams we have today will not come forth tomorrow but they occurred as the path we go down to pursue has all the gems we need. It does a great disservice to you and the world to not all dead things to fall away and allow the greater purpose to shine.

I would love to chat with you about your goals. Drop some comments!