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Summer makeup should always be fun and vibrant for everyone. I want to give you the best summer makeup for dark skin. Even though the normal being out and frolicking in the sun is on pause this year, I still wanted to create a makeup look for the girls.

I am typically a neutral matte type of girl. But summer makes me want to bring out the golds and color. I had fun creating this look and is great on everyone but especially my darker skin girls out there. I love seeing vibrant colors on darker skin as the contrast and pop is chef’s kiss.

Makeup for summer should have a focus on the eyes with skin that glows especially for night time makeup. When it’s hot and humid the last thing you want is a bunch of products on the face. I will, however, play up the skin with bronzer and highlight to give that sun-kissed glow.

You need not run out and buy new makeup for this look. Use what you have at home. In this post, I share which items you should splurge on or save which can help you if you’re wanting to buy some new goodies.

I do, however, love the products I have collected over the years, especially my Juvia’s Place palettes as they go the distance on the pigmentation and versatility. I can rock some as a blush, which makes for a win. Now on to the look.

The Best Summer Makeup for Dark Skin

The Look: Festival Yum

The Best Summer Makeup for Dark Skin

After creating this look, I couldn’t stop looking at myself in the mirror. I haven’t worn colors in so long and it was such the wonder. Summer makeup for me always includes a pop of orange and bringing some depth with red. I wanted to add a bit of razzle-dazzle and added a pop of blue.

TIP: If you’re shy about color, try adding color on the waterline to give you a subtle pop. This is a great tip if you want to add a bit of razzle-dazzle to your eyes for the many Zoom calls we have these days.

Blending will be your best friend with this look. When working with darker colors especially in the crease, I focus on blending it out well as unblended eyeshadow is never the vibe ladies and gents.

The Best Summer Makeup for Dark Skin

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I hope this inspires you to want to create some makeup looks for yourself. I will say this is a brilliant look you can rock with your mask as we are still in a global pandemic. Makeup during these times for me is a great way of self-care as it puts the focus on myself and making me look my best, even if it’s just for a quick Target run.

Taking time to just embrace the moments right now is very important. It may feel like what’s the point but put on the makeup, do your hair and take the selfie. Life is short and it would be best to enjoy it while we can. I have noticed by doing my makeup for my Zoom meetings I feel even more exceptional.

Do you have a fav summer look or a color combo you would like me to create? If so lets see some love in the comments!


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