Creative Project Management

Creative Project Management

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Project Management Consult

You have created your creative empire, and work has you booked and busy. Trying to juggle the creative sphere and the client can be taxing robbing you of the joy of creating. Instead, insert your project manager, who will make your timeline to create, manage the client, and ensure that your deliverables are time and within the project’s scope. Happier creatives can create higher KPIs and garner more profitable project opportunities. This is great for the creative who needs a one-time project that you support balancing to shine bright!

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Creative Project Management Recurring

Your creative efforts have inspired and excited the world, and now your work overflows. Unfortunately, the booked and busy life can find you constantly missing deadlines, or your mental health is taking a hit because of all your competing work. Creating a world where your art sustains you means having systems and processes that allow you to focus on your greatest art! I can provide creative project management services that include a project timeline including all current projects that help you work smarter, not harder.

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