Fashion will always be something I talk about even if we are indoors. Each season allows you to pivot a little bit. Spring 2021 fashion I think will have a lot of the current cozy feel but in spring fresh colors. In this post, I’m sharing 4 ways to be Spring Fresh Fashion Ready! The trend which I look at for inspo is giving us our core colors but with a bit of razzle-dazzle.

In my research of trends for 2021 Spring Fashion things that I noticed were the colors and prints. The colors weren’t surprising but one color did stand out to me. Color trends for fashion are Mellow Yellow, Bubble Gum Pink, Magenta, Tangerine, and a soft neon Green! I’m excited about these colors as they are in the wheelhouse of the traditional but with a bit more bass.

On to the fashion trends, there are some really extra things and I pulled the top 4 trends that I feel you can translate at home because everybody isn’t about the life of the new trends such as visible thongs and bralettes as tops.

4 ways to be Spring Fresh Fashion Ready!


If you’re following my Youtube channel you would have seen my ode to the Monochromatic fashion from Inauguration Day. This look can be done so effortlessly with dark colors and bright ones. I love how you can dress this look up or down by the clothing pieces. It’s also something I feel anyone can do even on a budget.

4 ways to be Spring Fresh Fashion Ready!
Courtesy Schiaparelli

2. Bold Florals

When I think spring I often think of the small floral prints as some people are self-conscious of bold prints. I am not one of those people and love to see more bold prints that introduce you as soon as you walk in the door. I could totally see neon color floral print pieces that blends the trendy colors with the trend print.

4 ways to be Spring Fresh Fashion Ready!
Courtesy: Dolce and Gabbana Spring 2021 Fashion Show

3. Floor Length Maxi Dress

So maybe you have had some quartine pounds and you don’t want to show everything off. The floor-length maxi dress is a romantic and effortlessly chic trend for 2021. I love the look as the various fabrics can add movement while you walk and just giving that goddess-like energy.

4 ways to be Spring Fresh Fashion Ready!
Courtesy Valentino Spring 2021 Fashion Show

4. Hoodies with Skirts

Now here me out, some of the girls and pals aren’t into hyper feminne looks and this will allow you to mix a bit of the edge of a hoodie with the feminie flow of a skirt. This look also can be a bit spicy if you are bold and want to rock one of the other 2021 Spring Fashion trends which is wearing bralettes as tops. Rock your hoodie, with the bralette under showing as much as you feel comfy and a pencil skirt with pumps or boots and be that bish.

4 ways to be Spring Fresh Fashion Ready!
Courtesy Akris

I hope this post on 4 ways to be Spring Fresh Fashion Ready was helpful. I enjoyed researching this one as it allowed me to go back to my roots of fashion. Each season I would spend time reviewing the newest trends and seeing how I could create things in my closet. If you have a solid closet you are ahead of the game as you can integrate those special pieces making you the it girl.

Any of these inspire you to recreate? Let me know in the comments.