Christian Sismone

I want to confess something since we have been in lockdown my motivation to do a fashion post has disappeared. My style is very much feminine formal and I can’t even tell you the last time I wore heels, well maybe back in July for a date lol. But my beauty game has evolved and is still something I still rock. In this post, I’m sharing how you can upgrade your beauty 4 ways to develop your beauty style!

Your beauty style like your fashion should speak to your vibe and voice. Over the years my makeup looks have evolved from being the cake face look to a more natural light bending flow. For many years, I felt kinda trapped in having to wear a full face as I didn’t want any questions as to why.

Now that I’m turning 35, I am wanting to make sure that I max out my beauty time by doing what makes me the happiest. Also taking into consideration I don’t wear a full face of makeup anymore unless I’m filming. With the current state of the world, mask and makeup really don’t go together which means I may wear brows and lashes if I feel like it.

Wearing makeup makes me happy, in a past post, I shared how whatever you do can be meditation as long as there is intention. When I do my skincare or makeup the intent is that I will enhance my looks. It does something to my soul. I now will wear makeup even if I’m just at home because it makes me feel great. And when you feel great, great things can come!

Upgrade your Beauty: 4 ways to develop your beauty style

1.Review beauty and fashion magazines

If your new to developing your own style you may need some help with visuals. Find some magazines, I prefer physical ones or you can do a quick search on Pintrest, and collect 4-5 looks makeup looks that really make you happy.

Now compare them and see what do they have in common. It could be that they are all hyper chiseled or maybe they have that no makeup makeup look. Really hone on what about each draws you to them. This will help you understand qualities you are aiming for.

Upgrade your Beauty: 4 ways to develop your beauty style

2. Take a scroll in your pictures

Now that you have been inspired by different looks, it’s time to look at your own looks. Go through your selfies and heart your fav 5-7 looks. Do you notice any trends? For me, I tend to like my looks that either very chiseled out or when I do a very smokey look.

I always like when I do transformations to pull your current state in the mix as you may not need a total makeover but more a subtle tweak. Knowing what you currently love about yourself and your look helps you to emphasize those qualities while making some changes.

3. Review your current beauty stash

Now I love getting new beauty products, however, I will always advocate for checking your current stash before you run out to the stores or order a bunch of stuff. I hate having duplicates of things because that’s money I could have used on something new.

Thinking of the looks you are wanting to create do you have items that will allow you to achieve it already? In a past post, I always advocate for having a neutral palette that suits your skin tone, a foundation and concealer that provides you great coverage, and a solid lip color collection that comprises red, pink, and a bomb nude for your skin tone. This may sound boring but there are so many looks that can be achieved.

If your collection is a bit lacking or you don’t have a collection then this is a great time to create a list of items that will create the look. If you need help, I’m happy to help. Ulta and Sephora will be great this holiday season as many brands will create sets that will allow you to make out your beauty dollars!

Upgrade your Beauty: 4 ways to develop your beauty style

4. Enjoy your new look

This should be common sense, but now that you have developed your beauty look actually start wearing it. Have a Zoom call or your heading out for errands wear your look. This helps you to get comfortable with executing your vision.

My makeup looks have changed rocking a mask as now I really focus my attention on my eyes. I kinda like it as it gives this very sultry focus. I do miss the days of rocking a nice red lip and winged liner and looking like a pin-up but with life, you must pivot.

Still, need some look inspo? I have these looks that will help you craft a look for summer and also one for the holidays!

I hope these 4 ways to develop your beauty style were helpful. As we begin to move into the new year I think it’s a perfect time to update your look. Now at the young age of 35, I really believe as a woman one of our superpowers is transformation. We hold the power of imagination and then creation. I would love to see the new looks you create. Tag me in your pics on Instagram!