The vibe I want is Spring Professional Chic. Spring 2020 Fashion Ideas are here even though it may be worn at home for now. With this virus being the focus in the world, I wanted to create some light-hearted content. Typically Spring is a time of starting over and refreshment. Fashion will always be a way of expression like art.

Being in the professional world, fashion for women can be an interesting thing. Some women forgo being fashionable all together and some may go way left being a bit too provocative. I like to be in the happy balanced place of pulled together but still allowing my feminine energy to be a dominant force. Every industry is different and I tried to share fashion ideas that could work for some conservative areas and more liberal.

Springtime is a great time to start trying new looks that can put you in creative energy. Winter as great as it is, can bring a darkness that takes away from your feminine light. Being in Minnesota, I have worn pants more than I am comfortable with and rocking a parka isn’t the most frilly thing to wear. Use Spring to rework your energy and focus on you.

Spring fashion 2020 colors are:

  • Flame Scarlet, fiery red.
  • Saffron, dark yellow.
  • Classic Blue, reminiscent of an evening sky.
  • Biscay Green, an aqua shade.
  • Chive, healthy green.

Classic colors such as nude, black and creams are always on trend year-round but if mix them with the more vibrant colors you can make them fit into more restricted industries. You can incorporate color, texture, and prints by wearing it or picking accessories that allow you to have a pop without too much risk.

The same mantra as my post, Splurge or Skimp: Makeup Must Have’s, you don’t have to break the bank to update your wardrobe for Spring. If you have a solid wardrobe filled with quality basics, your mission in updating for Spring is very easy. My favorite places to update for trendy pieces are Zara, Threadup and my local thrift stores. If you have the budget, by all means, splurge on designer especially if you are really in love with the item.

In this video, I’m sharing 3 Spring 2020 Fashion Ideas that can be easily adapted for a wide variety of body types and preferences.