Christian Sismone

Developing a spiritual ritual is important as you evolve in life. I have studied successful people for a number of years and one thing they all have in common is some sort of spiritual practice. So in this post, I’m sharing my 3 ways to develop a spiritual ritual!

Rituals to me are routines with a set intention. You could have a beauty ritual, a manifestation ritual, or even a cleaning ritual. Each one has a focus that adds to your life. You have probably heard this saying your thoughts produce action and your actions produce your reality. Taking consistent time to focus on something will align you and allow you to tap into your dreams.

I grew up following Christianity and was a very heavy rule follower. I was at every function and truly believed that if I complied with the teachings I would somehow reach this Christian perfection. Over my years, I began to ask questions and things didn’t truly connect to me. Once I became an adult I woke up to the fact that I felt heavy anytime I tried to connect with God. 

If you are a Christian, keep your faith, just ensure it’s a path that is truly working for you. I use to believe it was the only way, but as I evolved and really brought myself into awareness I noticed I was having to reject so many parts of me in order to achieve an illusion. I’m a firm believer in following what makes you feel at home and brings forth peace.

Over the past 5 years, I have worked on developing ways to center myself in order to move positively through life. As someone who has depression and anxiety, developing ways to cope that are healthy and sustaining is key. I didn’t go to a retreat or read billions of books to develop my practice. I tapped into my intuition and allowed myself to have flow. Now what works for me may or may not work for you, however, you should have some way to focus when the noise of life gets to be too much.

3 ways to develop a spiritual ritual 

1. Set your intention 

We do a lot of things on autopilot. From brushing our teeth, driving, to eating. Most times we aren’t aware of why we do what we do. When crafting your ritual you want to focus on why you are doing it and what you expect from it.

For instance, my spiritual bath isn’t for the sake of being clean but the intention is to come out renewed, calm, and at peace. It takes me about 2 hours to complete from cleaning the space, praying, actually taking a shower, and then curating the bath. With each step, I am focusing my attention on the outcome of rejuvenation. 

Setting your intention sets the tone or the vibe for your time. I mentioned this in an earlier post that when you are creating a new path for yourself, you must be clear about what you want and allow yourself the space to bloom.

If your not clear about what you want, don’t be surprised when you don’t receive or what you receive isn’t what you hoped.

2. Select your spiritual items 

Everyone’s practice will be different but I gravitated towards crystals for my spiritual practice. During my 1st experience at a metaphysical store, I felt so calm while cruising through the store. I felt maybe it was a fluke or pseudo but I have noticed anytime I visit one I typically feel very tranquil. I love crystals and sage for my daily meditation time. 

Each crystal holds a different power or meaning and I love that they all can set a tone for centering myself. Crystals that I keep in heavy rotation are amethyst, selenite, rose quartz, and pyrite. For my birthday celebration, I recently ordered from a black woman-owned store, Crystal Streets Jewelry. There is calming yet luxurious energy that comes forth with all she does.

Depending on what spiritual path you follow your items could be the bible, crystals, or being outdoors. Whatever it is I firmly believe by having those items allows you to have a full-body experience.

I use candles and incense as well in my practice the smell, touch, and visuals cues my mind to tranquility. When I light incense I watch the smoke and envision things I’m letting go are burning away. With candles, I use them at my nighttime meditation as the warm glow while all the lights off just put me in an ultra-calm mood.

Now I don’t believe the item possesses any power but what I do believe it does tap into the power from within. When I hold my crystals I am centered in the energy of the intention I have set. In my beauty rituals, I often will pull my best items to adorn myself with. I did that this week when I used my Jessie Monroe nail polish, which is a black woman-owned brand as I feel so more divine when using them.

3. Consistency 

My last thought for developing your spiritual ritual is being consistent. I have been after my path for a few years now and there are times when I’m meditating as soon as my feet hit the ground and there are times when I can’t will myself to do anything other than work. 

I am able to sense when it’s time to dial in more with my rituals especially in 2020 as I have had a few burnout moments. Consistency really allows for things to take root inside and bloom. We can’t work out once and think we are set for life. It takes daily or consistent practice. I feel better both physically and mentally when I take the time. It makes me feel like a priority and I’m able to do everything else better as I have poured into myself.

Now your spiritual ritual doesn’t have to be something elaborate. It could be something as simple as going for a walk in nature, working out, doing your makeup, reading a book. No matter what the activity being intentional and being fully present in that time is what makes it meaningful. 

I would love to hear your thoughts on your rituals. Do you have a special place that you do them or is yours more in motion? Leave your thoughts below.