Trying to lose weight or hit fitness goals in this global pandemic isn’t easy. With the civil unrest and uncertainty, it can be hard to push. I want to share the 3 best tips for maintaining weight-loss goals. A bit of a perspective change and practical focus can help you keep moving forward!

Losing weight is always one of the top resolutions each year. In our society, especially for women, one must be slender in order to be seen positively. Focusing on maintaining great health as it’s optimal for all facets of life should be the focus.

My story

I have been bigger my entire life. I packed on the pounds, especially when growing up as it helped me to feel safe. As I got older and into college, my cute chubby size ballooned to 350+ lbs. I could barely walk around campus without being out of breath. One summer my edema was so bad it felt like water balloons were attached to my ankles. The campus doctor told me at age 24 I was going down a slippery slope of high blood pressure.

That summer I started walking everywhere and lost a bit. It felt great, but then school hit again and stress hit high. Being a 1st generation college grad it is stressful even more if you don’t have support. I went down the path of weight loss a few times post-grad losing up to 100lbs before I succumbed to stress, depression, and anxiety. I felt helpless as I ate things that made me feel better about my plight in life.

Losing weight uncovered many pain points that hadn’t been addressed in my life. The why for my weight was because I felt unsafe in the world. For me to make my weight loss be a permanent thing even in stressful times, I had to take time to do the deep digging of why. I took a few years to get help by therapy, journaling and just facing myself. This exposure to myself wasn’t easy. I felt like I was inflicting havoc on my self.

After a few years of working on me, I’m at a place where I can focus on releasing weight in a healthy sustainable way. I don’t feel as though I have to be pressed and can have fun in my life. I can comfortable pivot when stressed out and give myself grace.

Listening to your body and being aware of how stress hits you is critical. When I started a new job 9 months ago, I thought great I’m going to workout out like a crazy person. Nope, for the 1st few months, I was dead tired. After a few months of gaining my bearings, I began to start working out again. It felt so great and has become my stress reliever. I’m able to listen to my body when I feel resistance as sometimes the body needs rest and sometimes it just needs to be pushed.

The 3 Best Tips for Maintaining Weight-Loss Goals

I shared my story as I don’t want you to feel as though I’m someone who is unaware of the struggle, it is real. However, even in the struggle you can learn so much about yourself and master your life. I’m big on being able to find practical ways to help you as good vibes don’t help the goals.

Here are what I like to think are the best 3 tips for maintaining weight-loss goals!

Meal prep is life

If you plan the work and work the plan, it makes life so easy. Sundays are my meal prep days. It was hard at the end of the year as I was preparing to make an out of state move. But having basic meals made helps me not pick up those empty snacks.

Cute workout gear is your friend

As the leveled up girl, I don’t wear just anything to the gym. I make sure to wear items that fit me well. It was a great joy to be able to get rid of my XXL tights and drop down to XL. I was like oh girl I see you. I like to look at myself when I workout so form-fitting gear in cute colors makes me happy to put them on and go to the gym. If nothing else a good selfie shoot lol. One of my favorite brands is OldNavy which has cute gear and when they do sales you can have fun.

Rest don’t quit

I have had weeks where it was hard to move outside of my house aside for work. You have to give yourself away to escape to be successful. You aren’t a machine no matter how bad I want to be, there will come times in the month that my energy Is gone and rest is all I can do. Resting can help me come back stronger and ensure I don’t injury myself by being reckless.

I hope the best 3 tips for maintaining weight loss goals will help you keep with your fitness goals when you are stressed or possibly going through a hard time. My goal is to help use my own journey the good and bad to educate and inspire.

Do you have ways that help you push through the cloudy days?