We are now in the final weeks of Q1. I created Check-in: Must Read if you want to hit your goals, for anyone who wants to make sure they have a successful 2021! The world is still trying to survive with the constant new one-in-a-lifetime events yet still go after goals to create a life that we desire in an unpredictable world. I believe in being as transparent as I can as I know there was a time in my life that honesty would have eased a lot of the suffering.

The Why

When you conduct the check-in, you have to look at goals objectively and with clarity. We can create goals with detail however, sometimes we don’t walk those out. At times our goals aren’t crafted in a way to support our full potential and the current circumstances. For example, if you have goals of dropping 150lbs in 2 months even with surgery this wouldn’t be a realistic goal. Now if you factor in living in COVID-19 times and the constant pressure the need for escape or excessive exhaustion can limit your ability to work out, eat healthily and get proper sleep. Stress is a thing many don’t factor into their goals.

The Check-in: Must Read if you want to hit your goals

I will provide at the end of this post, my check-in worksheet that you can use to audit your goals. Also by auditing your goals on a quarterly basis, you are able to pivot faster and ensure you reach the goal or free up time that could be used for other things. In all my corporate experience, the organizations that were true successes were the ones that weren’t scared of conducting internal audits as it helps for one to not have surprises. You can see am I hitting milestones, do I have enough resources allocated for what I am trying to do and is this something that really resonates.

Now when you conduct an audit of your progress one thing that is tempting if you aren’t on track is to beat yourself down. Please don’t do that! Reflecting on why you haven’t achieved certain goals you may find that they scare you or threaten the identity you hold dear. Other times it shows you that the goals you have aren’t really of you but are from outside sources. Ever been told growing up you will be fill-in-the-blank career? If we don’t do the internal work to ensure we are operating out of our power we run the risk of outside scripting to dictate our lives.

The Check-in: Must Read if you want to hit your goals

If you find that you are on track with your goals this would be a good time to evaluate if you should stay at the current cadence that you are going or if you feel comfortable turning it up a notch. For example, maybe the goal was to work out 3 times a week for 45 mins hitting all major areas of the body. You successfully did that and even by the end of the quarter started doing 4 workouts a week or were able to increase intensity. This would be a great time to revamp your goals to keep them challenging so you stay engaged. Or if you notice that it was a challenge but you were able to keep showing up leave the goal as is.

After your audit, you should have a good assessment of where you are and how you can ensure the environment you have created will sustain you to victory. Depending on the goal it may take some time, I would budget a small treat for yourself be it a massage, new shoes, or makeup to celebrate your win. Celebrating those small wins helps you to stay the course of the major win, as success is the sum of those small wins.

I hope this post was helpful and that you download The Check-In audit. My focus for those who come to this blog is that you are reaching your higher self in all areas. The real level up isn’t just designer handbags and catching the male gaze, but actually developing yourself, working on your shadow, and ensuring you operate at optimal levels. Make sure you share this post with a friend!

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