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Do you actually want your next conference to transform and create positive change? 

If you are ready to have your an electrifying workshop that will inspire, equip and ignite your audience’s passions. She is a dynamic speaker who can deliver a talk focused on self-development, career development or any topic that will boost  women to their highest form. Her workshops are quick-paced, interactive and highly engaging. You can choose one of her signature workshops or reach out to her for something custom to fit your vision.

Signature Workshops

Project Manage Your Life: How to create the life you dream of!

Is your life a reflection of your dreams or one of your limitations? In my experience, too many people are stuck in the state of doing what needs to be done instead of creating a truly fulfilling life. In this workshop, I will provide you with practical tools I have pulled from my years of working in Project Management that can help you overcome any challenge and finally create the reality you desire.

Rearranging Diversity Equity and Inclusion for Women in Tech

The face of technology is changing. As organizations strive to create an inclusive culture, the question becomes how much diversity and inclusion can impact your bottom line. Come learn how to cultivate work environments that allow women of all expressions to show up fully and do the work they were meant to do. Empowering and equipping women, especially Black and women of color, to thrive and show up fully in your career has a multifaceted impact on your organization’s bottom line.

#IamRemarkable Workshop

#IamRemarkable is a Google initiative empowering women and other underrepresented groups to celebrate their achievements in the workplace and beyond.

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