Christian Sismone

Self-care is vital to reaching your goals and your overall quality of life. Unfortunately, most think of self-care as spa days and expensive skincare rituals. However, pampering yourself allows you to keep showing up to preserve your energy over the long haul. Pampering doesn’t have to be complicated as sometimes just the simple things can help give us a boost. As a woman, no matter your path in life, it’s your job to manage your needs and ask for help. I will share three signs of burnout in this post and create a realistic pamper routine!

Three signs of Burnout

Burn out is a very slow build-up that begins to chip away at your usual vibrancy. It’s like filling a bucket one drop at a time. Eventually, the bucket loads, yet it’s a surprise. This is the same for our bodies and minds with burnout. Women are often groomed to suppress their basic needs for the needs of others, including children, partners, and careers. For Black and POC women, the need to appear like Teflon is to our detriment because we overlook the breaking points until significant damage is caused. This is not an exhaustive list, but here are some signs you’re burning out:

You don’t find joy/passion in the things you use to do.

Maybe you used to love strutting your stuff and looking cute, or perhaps you are someone who lives in the gym. As burnout starts to hit, you lose the joy of things that should please you. In our society of being booked and busy, we wear that as a badge of honor. It’s a great accomplishment to be in demand. However, one can lose touch with their bodies, and the wear and tear of daily life can leave you numb. We are going through a lot in the world, and it’s easy to stuff our feelings, yet not being able to feel isn’t ok. Being numb doesn’t make you strong.

Physically you feel run down.

With the pandemic still going on, it’s never fun to feel sick. Is that tickle in your throat allergies or Miss. Rona? Is this normal fatigue or something more which is alarming. On the other hand, sometimes, we can get good at pushing past our natural indicators of discomfort. For instance, when you are thirsty but working, you may not hydrate all for the sake of productivity. Unfortunately, in a pop-a-pill society, it’s easy to bypass our internal check engine lights because, for some women, we have been groomed to not tend to our needs, and it’s seen as being selfish or bougie.

Your mind is foggy and cloudy

Missed texts, emails, and calls can become commonplace when you’re burned out. Or maybe your find you are missing the mark in your work with what appears to be careless mistakes. When you’re not operating at optimal, your mind will not be as laser-sharp. For many, it can send you into a negative state of mind and become very dangerous because you could be mentally not there when you are behind the wheel or make a costly error on order.

3 ways to create a pamper routine

Now that we know some of the signs of burnout, let’s discuss how you can create a realistic pamper routine. I emphasize realistic because, let’s keep it a buck, some of us don’t have time for a 12 step skin routine when you have babies pulling on your skirt or your also battling mental or physical disabilities. Being practical helps you to be consistent, which is the ultimate way to prevent burnout before it starts. I will also warn that burnout isn’t something you will bounce back from quickly. It will take time to rebuild, and I have noticed in my own life unless you can permanently fix the source of burnout, be it a job or family situation, you will be prone to suffering from burnout again.

Plan your favorite things into your scedule

It’s easy to have a schedule overloaded with everything but your needs. However, I find scheduling my wax appointments, massages, even Netflix and chill days into my routine works wonderfully. It gives you something positive and genuinely self-nourishing to look forward to. In my experimenting, doing something at least 1-2 a week is optimal, and if you can sneak smaller things in like 5 min deep breathing or a quick walk into your day-to-day, you really will be a winner!

Invest in the best items you use daily

I’m a girls girl who loves to rock silk robes when I’m cameras off on Zoom calls and enjoy delicious perfumes daily. Investing in things I use daily gives me a little taste of luxury throughout the day. I used to be someone who bought stuff out of functionality only. However, over the years, I find myself drawn to the things that look amazing along with function. Investing in yourself and life experience is never a wrong choice, and it doesn’t have to be expensive. So buy the nice mug you will use daily, and I promise you it will put a slight smile on your heart.

Check-in with your self often

Even before the pandemic, most people went through the motions of life. Another day at the office, another basic happy hour or brunch and wash repeat. Checking in with yourself as honestly as possible isn’t easy but is vital to pampering or self-care. You can’t correct what you won’t name, baby. I typically journal each morning, and sometimes I write down how I’m feeling and if there is anything I could do to help myself. Being an active person in your thought life always enables you to be on the preventative flow. Our society doesn’t celebrate self-awareness but knowing what you need allows you to help yourself. You deserve to live a life, not just merely exist.

I hope this was helpful in your journey of being your best you. Need coaching on how to implement your best you journey? Hit the link, and let’s talk.