Christian Sismone

Your fashion makes a statement before you ever speak. When you are running errands, you may throw something on giving that don’t bother me vibe, or you could be dressed in a well-tailored suit that says I have important business to do. Fashion has always been a means of communication throughout the years. Fashion will always be a critical part of one’s overall optics. Updating your style can lead to greater opportunities for career, dating, and your life in general.

Fashion can often be forgotten about or overlooked as we think it’s all about the content of our character. In a perfect world, that would be the case. However, I recently completed an Anti-Racism Accelerator, and a point that stuck out to me was the term normalization and how it plays in our daily lives. When we resign to live and accept that things are just what they are, we cut away at our power, and this also starts to eat away at being fully present in our lives, or as the kids say, being the main character. It’s not lost on me how the daily hurdles of living as a Black woman or WOC can cause us to shrink or not be able to put our best foot forward as we juggle a million things on top of managing the various isms such as racism, sexism to name a few. In my 15 years in different professional arenas, sexism, racism, featurism, and colorism can slowly dim your light on top of the challenges of being brilliant in one’s role.

Revamping your style can feel like a daunting task to undertake. So I wrote a guide that goes over how to revamp your closet. However, in today’s post, I will give some practical advice that you can use immediately to boost your confidence and take over the world or at least that next major Zoom meeting. These tips should help you revamp your style to unlock your main character!

1. Objectively look at each item and ask what’s its purpose

Everything you own should have a purpose. I have fun, flirty dresses for the times I’m trying to boost someone’s internal thermostat and dresses that show my fun side yet professional focus. When you review your closet, ask yourself what does this piece communicate, and does it serves me well? Does the piece make me feel at my Beyonce level, or does it open me to all my insecurities about that one time I ate too many cupcakes? Each piece you own should align with what you want to communicate to the world, and it should fit you impeccably. Confidence and alignment produce brilliance, ladies!

2. Where am I on my life’s path

The fashion you wore in high school shouldn’t be the same that you wear in your mid-level career. Take time to assess where you are in life and ask does my fashion yield to my to the life I desire? If your want to take on more serious roles, be it in your corporate career or even in your private life, your fashion will play a large part. Let’s say you want to go for a promotion. You need to make sure you have fashion that you can jazz yourself up effortlessly at the drop of a dime. You may not be ready if all you have is worn-out t-shirts and ill-fitting jeans. On the flip, you could be wanting to pivot into more creative endeavors, and having a stuffy suit wouldn’t mesh with your path. Analyze everything and keep the notion of being intentional, in your pursuit of being the main character of your life.

3. Wear the clothes

This seems like a straightforward step, but I can confidently say executing your plans is not as easy as it looks. Many ladies I have worked with will take all the notes and make all the vision boards and plans, but sometimes things can prevent them when it comes to launching. When I look at my own life, often, it’s not due to lack of planning but fear. When you move out of a supporting role into the main character, the attention can be frightening. It may make others around you feel unsettled as they were used to you being their crutch in the supporting role.

I hope these things can add peace to your life as you revamp your style to unlock your main character, you! So, if you need help with revamping your fashion, hit the link and book a consult, as you deserve to invest in yourself and enjoy its benefits.