Christian Sismone

We all have gotten pretty comfortable at home but there comes a time when you need to snatch it together for those on-camera meets or interviews. I have adopted a more natural aesthetic as I’m at home and wanted to share my natural beauty makeup for everyday look! I love focusing on enhancing instead of constructing for every day looks.

When I think of natural makeup the focus is on the skin and adding a little oomph to your best feature. For me my eyes are my favorite, the remind me of a warm cup of dark roast coffee. Making sure your taking care of you skin will make things flow better. Some are blessed with a flawless complexion and can add a little concealer, mascara and gloss and boom.

Natural Beat: Makeup for everyday

For today’s look, I started out with very hydrated skin. I used my fav hydrating mask from Topicals, Like Butter, you can check out my review but it’s the greatest. After my skin was prepped I created my own tinted moisturizer by using my MAC Oil-Free Moisturizer with my Nars Soft Matte Foundation.


If you are a darker lady like me finding a tinted moisturizer can be a struggle, so making your own with your fav foundation is delightful!

Natural Beat: Makeup for everyday

After evening out my skin, I used my OG Juvia’s Place Warrior 1 palette as it has the most gorgeous warm browns. You can do whatever tickles your fancy but I find matte shadows are great for everyday and show up better on camera. I also find you can’t goof up mattes as much as you can a shimmer shade. Instead of using my traditional liner, I just used the black eyeshadow to create a line. The results is a soft smokey line. I topped everything with mascara and your good.

Natural Beat: Makeup for everyday

On the lips, I rocked my Fenty Beauty Cream Gloss in Fenty Glow which I really feel is the official nude for colored girls lol. I love how thick and creamy this gloss is and it’s not sticky. I used my beloved Makeup Forever liner in Limitless Brown which if you don’t have you need to go buy now!

The way of the world of mask and Zoom calls aren’t going anywhere fast. So instead of allowing myself to not do what makes me happy I’m enjoying my makeup even if I am the only one who sees it in person. I know for many, this time has amplified that we in the past did a lot for out of obligation and for likes. I enjoy makeup because it’s been a long standing vechicle of creativity for me.

Did this post inspire you to do your own natural beauty? If so, post it on your socials and tag me in it. I want to see so I can fangirl you!