Being a former makeup artist, I have worked with a lot of products. I want to share 5 Awesome Makeup items you can Splurge or Skimp. Now I must say out the gate, makeup is a luxury item it’s not a requirement to be a feminine woman. However, makeup is a fun way of expression for me. As a lady, I work at keeping my image in a certain way. I like to look refreshed, well put together, and just that girl. Beauty at times can get a bad rap as some think it is frivolous.

Over the years, I have heard women say that don’t wear makeup because it’s expensive or it takes too much fuss to do. Everyone gets to decide what is best for them. For me no matter what my budget has been over the years, I have always made time for makeup.

5 Awesome Makeup items you can Splurge or Skimp
5 Awesome Makeup items you can Splurge or SkimpBeat while enjoying fine cuisine.

Makeup doesn’t have to break the bank. If you know how to be strategic with your funds, you can have a wonderful collection that allows you the range to create a bunch of looks. Creativity is the key to beauty.

Marketing is often done in a way to cause the beauty girl to think she needs 50-11 products. As a former MUA, I thought I needed the full collection of foundations and concealers, but mixing became my friend. Same for those who only apply makeup to themselves.

Below are items in my humblest opinion that you need can Splurge or Skimp. I didn’t list brands as that is part of the beauty journey experience. If you would like a list of my favorite beauty brands let me know in the comments.

5 Awesome Makeup items you can Splurge or Skimp


Foundation- Your complexion products can make or break your entire look. I have seen many pretty girls on IG with cute eye looks but their foundation is awful it takes away from the look.

I have found a higher-end foundation doesn’t break down as bad depending on formula as a drug store and depending on the brand will have a more sophisticated shade selection. Your want an even flawless canvas.

– I like to apply my makeup once a day and go on my merry way. Investing in better quality concealers allows me not to worry about creasing and other breakdowns throughout the day. Again complexion items are worth the investment as you want to ensure your skin looks refined throughout the day.

Blush esp for darker skin-
For my ladies who are darker skin blush has not come up to the 20th century. I have found most drug store brands don’t have the range for such beautiful skin. I have found a few brands that aren’t necessarily a drug store but are affordable. The higher quality pigment is key for blush to last through the day.

Eyeliner– I have used so many eyeliners over the years from pencil to liquid and I have found those that are higher quality glide on and stay put. The eye area is very delicate so I look for products that glide with effective pigment.


Eyeshadow– This is one I have gone back and forth on. If your someone who is new to makeup, you don’t need to rush out and buy a 50.00 palette. However, I would stick to neutral colors if I am purchasing a drug store brand. If your someone looking for some trendy colors, drug store brands are great to experiment and upgrade if I want.

Mascara– You need to throw out mascara after 3 months of use because of germs. I find many of the higher end brands are owned by a certain drug store brand and work just as great. Now if you are able to get some higher brands on sale, as Nordstroms, for instance, does a Mascara sale, then I would buy up and enjoy the indulgence.

Lashes– If your new to lashes please don’t get caught up buying 20.00 lashes unless you want to. When you first start using lashes you may mess up and it’s so much more forgiving to buy a pack of 5 for 11.00 from Walgreens then 1 pair for more.

Lip products (Lipsticks, Lip Liners, Lip Gloss)– A new lip color can make a sad day become a hit instantly. I have found over the years I can achieve the same look with a drug store lip color or liner. There are some brands that are awesome and allow you to have a wide variety of shades and finishes. On special occasions, I will splurge and get a YSL.

I hope these items help you prioritize your beauty budgets accordingly. Now if you have it go full-on splurge. I have looked over my makeup collection and have noticed I have migrated to more splurge items but some drug store brands will forever be in my arsenal because they are just amazing and beat out some higher-end items.

Do you agree with this list or do you have other thoughts? Leave those in the comment!

XOXO Christian Sismone