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Ace your next Zoom meeting: 3 ways to look your best!

Ace your next Zoom meeting: 3 ways to look your best!

Work from home is here to stay as many people finally felt what life could be. As someone who has worked remotely for 4 years, I have found some helpful tips for making you look your best as it’s crucial. Where you work should not matter; however, where ever you are, you should bring your A game. In this post, I will give 3 ways you can look chic for your next Zoom or video meeting.

Tip 1: Lighting

As someone who loves a good picture, the need for good lighting is significant for video calls. For me, it’s a bit distracting when I cannot fully see the person on video. A well-lit space conveys a bit of preparedness and confidence. The best lighting source is the sun so having your desk facing the window is fantastic, but not everyone has that option. I highly suggest investing in a ring light as you can move it where ever you have a clean wall. Another tip is to ensure your background is clutter-free as much as your work should be the focus, the reality; people judge and take note. Setting your desk to where there is a nice clean wall or nicely decorated wall makes you look put together.

Tip 2: Makeup

I am a bit of a glam girl, so my makeup for video calls is often a bit more than the average woman will wear. However, putting a bit of effort into your face gives that chic look. I advocate for a bit of concealer, blush, and lip color in a color that brings your best self out. Most video conferencing programs have auto filtering to make you not look washed out. The ultimate goal is to have an even complexion that looks well hydrated, with a bit of color on the lips and cheeks. If you want more, you can do a nice wash of color over the eyes and a bit of mascara, or if you are bold, false lashes.

Along the lines of makeup, making sure your hair looks well coifed is vital. It’s easy to wear a messy bun or have the bedhead look, but wearing a style that looks nice but isn’t high maintenance will make you look effortlessly chic.

Tip 3: Attire

My final tip is your attire from the waist up. I am someone who didn’t own sweatpants until the pandemic hit hard, but now I enjoy them so much. However, your top needs to convey I have my life in order. I love that you can do such a variety from the hyper-professional button-down to something frilly but ultimately chose a top that conveys the mood of the meeting. I rock a whole host of different things as I adore being able to express my fashion. I typically stick with solid colors as prints sometimes don’t translate well on camera and can be distracting. Depending on the meeting, I will ensure it has a high collar to provide poise.

Add some flair by wearing a nice bold necklace and earrings, and you will look a step ahead of the rest. I plan my attire weekly, making it easy to throw on in the morning as that is one of the benefits of wfh.

I hope these tips help give you a bit of a boost in your image for Zoom calls. I have seen various people during the last few years, and these subtle tweaks will make you look as impressive as your work. Need some help figuring out your style, send me a message, and I can help craft your best image.

Fall Fashion 2022 Refresh: 3 ways to update your look!

Fall Fashion 2022 Refresh: 3 ways to update your look!

Fall is just around the corner, and the essence of crisp air, fall leaves, and cozy sweaters come to mind. Growing up in Texas and having a brief stint in the midwest, I fondly appreciate the shift as we get closer to my favorite season, winter. However, fashion for fall, depending on where you find yourself, can be on the spectrum, and in this post, I’m going to share some ways to transition your wardrobe for where you are and still enjoy.

Tip 1: Makeup

Your makeup choices can be the easiest way to start the shift to fall. Picking richer colors such as rust, mustard, and deep plums allow you to have a cozy look even if your area is still 100+ degrees. If you are not a hard makeup person, rocking a bold lip or even an eyeliner in a deeper color is the quickest way to scream fall. One of my favorite fall lip colors is merlot, as it’s just the perfect mix of deep vampy red that can be dressed up or down easily.

You can continue your fall makeup transition by choosing to wear deeper blushes and going a little more on your eye looks, as an excellent smokey eye in warm colors is stunning and again allows you not to die of heat exhaustion if you are in an area that doesn’t understand the seasons.

Tip 2: Color choices

To expand a bit from tip one, choosing colors in fall 2022 hottest shades such according to Pantone as Orange Tiger, Rose Violet, or Autumn Blonde, will allow you to play in the fall fashion game well. If you are someone who wants to experiment with your fashion picking one or a few trendy colors for this season in pieces you feel comfortable with is an easy way to be fashionable chic.

Now, if you like to stick to a moody dark color, I suggest picking up a scarf, hat, or shoe in a trendy color that allows you to stay fashionable in your comfort zone but with a bit of spice!

Tip 3: Layers

My final tip has saved me from the challenges of being a material girl who wants the fall fabulousness but needs to be ready for the treacherous Texas heat is wearing layers. Instead, I love to rock cozy oversized cardigans with a maxi dress which allows me to get a bit of both worlds and easily color off. I also adore using.

Bonus Tip: Hair

Fall is a perfect time to do a nice switch-up with your hair. I love changing my hair color by combining rich reds and coppers or dark chocolate tones with a bit of caramel face-framing highlights. Big trends for fall 2022 are slick ponytails, the wolf cut, bobs, bangs, and layers.

If you are not ready to make a salon appointment, you can easily rock a very extravagant headband with a nice texture or pattern in a fall fashion color to look chic yet you.

I hope these tips help you update your fall 2022 fashion easily. You don’t have to break the bank when indulging in style, a great form of creative expression. Need help revamping your closet, hit the link and set up a consult today!

3 signs of burnout and how to create a realistic pamper routine!

3 signs of burnout and how to create a realistic pamper routine!

Self-care is vital to reaching your goals and your overall quality of life. Unfortunately, most think of self-care as spa days and expensive skincare rituals. However, pampering yourself allows you to keep showing up to preserve your energy over the long haul. Pampering doesn’t have to be complicated as sometimes just the simple things can help give us a boost. As a woman, no matter your path in life, it’s your job to manage your needs and ask for help. I will share three signs of burnout in this post and create a realistic pamper routine!

Three signs of Burnout

Burn out is a very slow build-up that begins to chip away at your usual vibrancy. It’s like filling a bucket one drop at a time. Eventually, the bucket loads, yet it’s a surprise. This is the same for our bodies and minds with burnout. Women are often groomed to suppress their basic needs for the needs of others, including children, partners, and careers. For Black and POC women, the need to appear like Teflon is to our detriment because we overlook the breaking points until significant damage is caused. This is not an exhaustive list, but here are some signs you’re burning out:

You don’t find joy/passion in the things you use to do.

Maybe you used to love strutting your stuff and looking cute, or perhaps you are someone who lives in the gym. As burnout starts to hit, you lose the joy of things that should please you. In our society of being booked and busy, we wear that as a badge of honor. It’s a great accomplishment to be in demand. However, one can lose touch with their bodies, and the wear and tear of daily life can leave you numb. We are going through a lot in the world, and it’s easy to stuff our feelings, yet not being able to feel isn’t ok. Being numb doesn’t make you strong.

Physically you feel run down.

With the pandemic still going on, it’s never fun to feel sick. Is that tickle in your throat allergies or Miss. Rona? Is this normal fatigue or something more which is alarming. On the other hand, sometimes, we can get good at pushing past our natural indicators of discomfort. For instance, when you are thirsty but working, you may not hydrate all for the sake of productivity. Unfortunately, in a pop-a-pill society, it’s easy to bypass our internal check engine lights because, for some women, we have been groomed to not tend to our needs, and it’s seen as being selfish or bougie.

Your mind is foggy and cloudy

Missed texts, emails, and calls can become commonplace when you’re burned out. Or maybe your find you are missing the mark in your work with what appears to be careless mistakes. When you’re not operating at optimal, your mind will not be as laser-sharp. For many, it can send you into a negative state of mind and become very dangerous because you could be mentally not there when you are behind the wheel or make a costly error on order.

3 ways to create a pamper routine

Now that we know some of the signs of burnout, let’s discuss how you can create a realistic pamper routine. I emphasize realistic because, let’s keep it a buck, some of us don’t have time for a 12 step skin routine when you have babies pulling on your skirt or your also battling mental or physical disabilities. Being practical helps you to be consistent, which is the ultimate way to prevent burnout before it starts. I will also warn that burnout isn’t something you will bounce back from quickly. It will take time to rebuild, and I have noticed in my own life unless you can permanently fix the source of burnout, be it a job or family situation, you will be prone to suffering from burnout again.

Plan your favorite things into your scedule

It’s easy to have a schedule overloaded with everything but your needs. However, I find scheduling my wax appointments, massages, even Netflix and chill days into my routine works wonderfully. It gives you something positive and genuinely self-nourishing to look forward to. In my experimenting, doing something at least 1-2 a week is optimal, and if you can sneak smaller things in like 5 min deep breathing or a quick walk into your day-to-day, you really will be a winner!

Invest in the best items you use daily

I’m a girls girl who loves to rock silk robes when I’m cameras off on Zoom calls and enjoy delicious perfumes daily. Investing in things I use daily gives me a little taste of luxury throughout the day. I used to be someone who bought stuff out of functionality only. However, over the years, I find myself drawn to the things that look amazing along with function. Investing in yourself and life experience is never a wrong choice, and it doesn’t have to be expensive. So buy the nice mug you will use daily, and I promise you it will put a slight smile on your heart.

Check-in with your self often

Even before the pandemic, most people went through the motions of life. Another day at the office, another basic happy hour or brunch and wash repeat. Checking in with yourself as honestly as possible isn’t easy but is vital to pampering or self-care. You can’t correct what you won’t name, baby. I typically journal each morning, and sometimes I write down how I’m feeling and if there is anything I could do to help myself. Being an active person in your thought life always enables you to be on the preventative flow. Our society doesn’t celebrate self-awareness but knowing what you need allows you to help yourself. You deserve to live a life, not just merely exist.

I hope this was helpful in your journey of being your best you. Need coaching on how to implement your best you journey? Hit the link, and let’s talk.

Wearable Spring Makeup 2021

Wearable Spring Makeup 2021

Spring is in the air and I feel like I needed to get into my bag with some spring makeup! In this post, I’m sharing Wearable Spring Makeup 2021! Even though it’s been a year since we have all been in the home I couldn’t stop the process of the seasons changing. I love spring for its fresh rebirth energy. The flowers, the pastels, and the lightness.

Normally I do a spring cleaning with my beauty and fashion game and this year was no different. However, instead of just getting rid of everything, I challenged myself to come out of my comfort zone with my beauty. I can kinda be a Basic Betty with makeup looks. I know what looks good on me and I stick to those things. Life lately has been screaming at me to switch it up.

I created 2 looks that I think would be great for you at home to do even if it’s just to the living room or to be seen while picking up your curbside orders. The joy of makeup is it washes off so if you don’t like it, you can always start over. The art of transformation takes getting out of your comfort zone and trying new things. We should all have our staple looks, but the joy of being a feminine being is the art of transforming into something different.

Wearable Spring Makeup 2021

Look One Fresh and Clean

This look can be the universal spring/summer look as it’s super fresh and light. This is perfect for my loves who like to pulled together for errands but don’t want to look overdone. I will be honest, this was a hard look for me as I’m so use to full face but I know that as the world opens back up, the desire to be fully done probably won’t come back.

Wearable Spring Makeup 2021

Wearable Spring Makeup 2021

Look Two Spring Drama

Spring for me will always mean pulling out some baby blue eyeshadow and a soft pink lip. This look isn’t for those who are scared of color but I always do it wearable. Being a darker skin woman, I tend to like lighter colors that are more of a wash of color vs trying to really make the color strong. It just gives a nice fresh unfussed with look.

spring makeup 2021 black woman wearing makeup



  • Sugar Pill Single Eyeshadow in Mochi, Kim Chi, and Hypnotic
  • NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk
  • Unknown brand lashes
  • MAC Lavender Jade Lipstick with Makeup Forever Limitless Brown Liner

I hope these looks inspired you to dust off your makeup and try something new. Let me know in the comments if you created some looks and don’t be shy to tag me on IG with them!

Is it worth the hype: Herbivore Botanicals

Is it worth the hype: Herbivore Botanicals

Skincare has become a status symbol for the girls who want to be in the mix. A few years ago makeup brands were dropping a new collection it felt like daily. Now that we are at home more skincare has become the wave. As someone who has tried a lot of skincare of the years, I want to start a new series Is it worth the hype: Herbivore Botanicals. I want to try as many brands that seem to be very popular and see if they are just aesthetic or if they bring it.

The team over at Herbivore reached out and they sent me a few of their popular items. I received their Jade Roller, Coconut Body Scrub, and their Jewel Box which includes mini sizes of their Prism Exfoliating Serum, Bakuchiol Serum, Emerald Hemp Facial Oil, Phoneix Facial Oil, and Lapis Facial Oil.

Right off the back I loved the packaging and the vibes of the brand. Herbivore focus is bring you results that you can see and feel without all the toxic ingredients. They blend this methaphysical and skincare flow as all their items are named after nature. They also try to minimize their carbon footprint by ensuring the packaging is recyclable and reusable.

Is it worth the hype: Herbivore Botanicals

I will be honest I wasn’t expecting miracles. As someone who is in the beauty and skincare sphere I have tried many things all over the spectrum of low to high and some items that I was expecting to bring it especially becuase of the price, just didn’t have the results. Some brands sadly are created to foster a sense of exclusivity with a certain type in mind who wants to appear as though they are higher than.

The first product I tried was their Coconut Milk Body Polish which is a 100% natural body scrub that hydrates, softens, smooths, and renews the skin with nourishing Coconut Milk, Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, and gently exfoliating sugar per their website. I wanted to try this as the winter months means I have to up my body care game. I will say this smells like coconuts naturally not from a synethic scent. It is effective without all the frills and extra’s you may find in some body scrubs. You get a 8oz glass jar for 36.00. I feel for a scrub the price point is a bit high as their aren’t any actives but it’s still very effective as my skin felt so delicious.

Is it worth the hype: Herbivore Botanicals Herbivore Botanicals Emerald Facial Oil, Jade Roller

Now on to the skincare products. Right off the bat, I will say I’m a bit mixed about. The first combo I tried is their Prism Exfoliating Glow Serum which promises to exfoliate naturally and effectively with Prism’s 12% blend of natural fruit and plant-based AHAs including Lactic, Glycolic, and Malic Acids plus a 3% concentration of natural Willow Bark BHA, and Vitamin C from Kakadu Plum Extract along with their Emerald Deep Moisture Glow Facial Oil which claims to provide deep moisture meets flash absorption in this skin calming and seriously hydrating blend of Omega-rich and irritation soothing Hemp Seed Oil and environmental stress defending Adaptogens including Shiitake Mushroom and Ashwagandha Root.

This combo was a nice mixture as my skin was in need of moisture. I used pretty bland products that night in order to make sure nothing entangled on my skin. I found the serum to have a nice oil like texture which blended well with the facial oil. The next morning I woke to skin that was nice and supple with no reactions.

A few nights later I tried the Bakuchiol Retinol Alternative Smoothing Serum along with the Emerald Facial oil. The Bakuchiol Retinol Alternative Smoothing Serum is supposed to be gentle enough for the most sensitive skin types, Bakuchiol works with the skin to refine the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles with the power of natural botanicals. I liked the texture of this which is a jelly like texture. Instead of mixing this with the facial oil I mixed the oil with my moisturizer as I wanted to ensure my skin would be hydrated.

The next morning my skin was a little dry which surprised me a bit but over the course of the next few days I noticed my skin felt very supple and bouncy which is the path we like. I feel if I continue use I will then see if this brings the results that this product claims.

The other 2 facial oils really didn’t appeal to me and so at the time of this blog post, I haven’t ventured into using them. One thing about being a beauty content creator, you have to pace yourself with introducing products into your routine unless you like toying with the consequences.

Now the vedict, do I think you should rush out and purchase? Yes and no. Yes if you are wanting to explore the world of skincare and it’s a hobby of yours. If you need a great facial oil I would also recommend this brand especially the Emerald Facial Oil. Now my no is for those who have well established skincare routines with products that have shown themselve worthy. I love skincare and love trying new things but if I wasn’t a content creator I probably wouldn’t go for this as the price points are a bit much for what they are. They are effective and if you like a bit if aesthetic with your skincare you would be in a good place.

I hope this new series Is it worth the hype: Herbivore Botanicals was helpful to you. Have you tried anything from the brand before? And after reading this review, has anything tickled your fancy? Let’s chat in the comments!

Natural Beat Makeup for everyday

Natural Beat Makeup for everyday

We all have gotten pretty comfortable at home but there comes a time when you need to snatch it together for those on-camera meets or interviews. I have adopted a more natural aesthetic as I’m at home and wanted to share my natural beauty makeup for everyday look! I love focusing on enhancing instead of constructing for every day looks.

When I think of natural makeup the focus is on the skin and adding a little oomph to your best feature. For me my eyes are my favorite, the remind me of a warm cup of dark roast coffee. Making sure your taking care of you skin will make things flow better. Some are blessed with a flawless complexion and can add a little concealer, mascara and gloss and boom.

Natural Beat: Makeup for everyday

For today’s look, I started out with very hydrated skin. I used my fav hydrating mask from Topicals, Like Butter, you can check out my review but it’s the greatest. After my skin was prepped I created my own tinted moisturizer by using my MAC Oil-Free Moisturizer with my Nars Soft Matte Foundation.


If you are a darker lady like me finding a tinted moisturizer can be a struggle, so making your own with your fav foundation is delightful!

Natural Beat: Makeup for everyday

After evening out my skin, I used my OG Juvia’s Place Warrior 1 palette as it has the most gorgeous warm browns. You can do whatever tickles your fancy but I find matte shadows are great for everyday and show up better on camera. I also find you can’t goof up mattes as much as you can a shimmer shade. Instead of using my traditional liner, I just used the black eyeshadow to create a line. The results is a soft smokey line. I topped everything with mascara and your good.

Natural Beat: Makeup for everyday

On the lips, I rocked my Fenty Beauty Cream Gloss in Fenty Glow which I really feel is the official nude for colored girls lol. I love how thick and creamy this gloss is and it’s not sticky. I used my beloved Makeup Forever liner in Limitless Brown which if you don’t have you need to go buy now!

The way of the world of mask and Zoom calls aren’t going anywhere fast. So instead of allowing myself to not do what makes me happy I’m enjoying my makeup even if I am the only one who sees it in person. I know for many, this time has amplified that we in the past did a lot for out of obligation and for likes. I enjoy makeup because it’s been a long standing vechicle of creativity for me.

Did this post inspire you to do your own natural beauty? If so, post it on your socials and tag me in it. I want to see so I can fangirl you!