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Ace your next Zoom meeting: 3 ways to look your best!

Ace your next Zoom meeting: 3 ways to look your best!

Work from home is here to stay as many people finally felt what life could be. As someone who has worked remotely for 4 years, I have found some helpful tips for making you look your best as it’s crucial. Where you work should not matter; however, where ever you are, you should bring your A game. In this post, I will give 3 ways you can look chic for your next Zoom or video meeting.

Tip 1: Lighting

As someone who loves a good picture, the need for good lighting is significant for video calls. For me, it’s a bit distracting when I cannot fully see the person on video. A well-lit space conveys a bit of preparedness and confidence. The best lighting source is the sun so having your desk facing the window is fantastic, but not everyone has that option. I highly suggest investing in a ring light as you can move it where ever you have a clean wall. Another tip is to ensure your background is clutter-free as much as your work should be the focus, the reality; people judge and take note. Setting your desk to where there is a nice clean wall or nicely decorated wall makes you look put together.

Tip 2: Makeup

I am a bit of a glam girl, so my makeup for video calls is often a bit more than the average woman will wear. However, putting a bit of effort into your face gives that chic look. I advocate for a bit of concealer, blush, and lip color in a color that brings your best self out. Most video conferencing programs have auto filtering to make you not look washed out. The ultimate goal is to have an even complexion that looks well hydrated, with a bit of color on the lips and cheeks. If you want more, you can do a nice wash of color over the eyes and a bit of mascara, or if you are bold, false lashes.

Along the lines of makeup, making sure your hair looks well coifed is vital. It’s easy to wear a messy bun or have the bedhead look, but wearing a style that looks nice but isn’t high maintenance will make you look effortlessly chic.

Tip 3: Attire

My final tip is your attire from the waist up. I am someone who didn’t own sweatpants until the pandemic hit hard, but now I enjoy them so much. However, your top needs to convey I have my life in order. I love that you can do such a variety from the hyper-professional button-down to something frilly but ultimately chose a top that conveys the mood of the meeting. I rock a whole host of different things as I adore being able to express my fashion. I typically stick with solid colors as prints sometimes don’t translate well on camera and can be distracting. Depending on the meeting, I will ensure it has a high collar to provide poise.

Add some flair by wearing a nice bold necklace and earrings, and you will look a step ahead of the rest. I plan my attire weekly, making it easy to throw on in the morning as that is one of the benefits of wfh.

I hope these tips help give you a bit of a boost in your image for Zoom calls. I have seen various people during the last few years, and these subtle tweaks will make you look as impressive as your work. Need some help figuring out your style, send me a message, and I can help craft your best image.

Fall Fashion 2022 Refresh: 3 ways to update your look!

Fall Fashion 2022 Refresh: 3 ways to update your look!

Fall is just around the corner, and the essence of crisp air, fall leaves, and cozy sweaters come to mind. Growing up in Texas and having a brief stint in the midwest, I fondly appreciate the shift as we get closer to my favorite season, winter. However, fashion for fall, depending on where you find yourself, can be on the spectrum, and in this post, I’m going to share some ways to transition your wardrobe for where you are and still enjoy.

Tip 1: Makeup

Your makeup choices can be the easiest way to start the shift to fall. Picking richer colors such as rust, mustard, and deep plums allow you to have a cozy look even if your area is still 100+ degrees. If you are not a hard makeup person, rocking a bold lip or even an eyeliner in a deeper color is the quickest way to scream fall. One of my favorite fall lip colors is merlot, as it’s just the perfect mix of deep vampy red that can be dressed up or down easily.

You can continue your fall makeup transition by choosing to wear deeper blushes and going a little more on your eye looks, as an excellent smokey eye in warm colors is stunning and again allows you not to die of heat exhaustion if you are in an area that doesn’t understand the seasons.

Tip 2: Color choices

To expand a bit from tip one, choosing colors in fall 2022 hottest shades such according to Pantone as Orange Tiger, Rose Violet, or Autumn Blonde, will allow you to play in the fall fashion game well. If you are someone who wants to experiment with your fashion picking one or a few trendy colors for this season in pieces you feel comfortable with is an easy way to be fashionable chic.

Now, if you like to stick to a moody dark color, I suggest picking up a scarf, hat, or shoe in a trendy color that allows you to stay fashionable in your comfort zone but with a bit of spice!

Tip 3: Layers

My final tip has saved me from the challenges of being a material girl who wants the fall fabulousness but needs to be ready for the treacherous Texas heat is wearing layers. Instead, I love to rock cozy oversized cardigans with a maxi dress which allows me to get a bit of both worlds and easily color off. I also adore using.

Bonus Tip: Hair

Fall is a perfect time to do a nice switch-up with your hair. I love changing my hair color by combining rich reds and coppers or dark chocolate tones with a bit of caramel face-framing highlights. Big trends for fall 2022 are slick ponytails, the wolf cut, bobs, bangs, and layers.

If you are not ready to make a salon appointment, you can easily rock a very extravagant headband with a nice texture or pattern in a fall fashion color to look chic yet you.

I hope these tips help you update your fall 2022 fashion easily. You don’t have to break the bank when indulging in style, a great form of creative expression. Need help revamping your closet, hit the link and set up a consult today!

Summer 2022 Fashion Tips

Summer 2022 Fashion Tips

The girls are outside, and fashion needs to be had. I haven’t created a fashion post in a while as I felt what’s the need when we should be inside. However, as the world always evolves, so should your looks. I feel Summer 2022 should be for the hidden hotties who never got to live out their hot girl lives. In this post, I will share some summer 2022 fashion ideas to help make this one a hot one.

Tip 1: Braless is for all

So last year, I was mentioned in Instyle for 10 ways to go braless, which as someone who is bountifully blessed up top it, was so countercultural. I have always felt I must wear a bra, but as I got into wanting to feel more sensual, I decided to start going braless. I began doing so in my non-high impact workout days and then finally branched outside. After getting over getting a few stares eventually, I stopped worrying and it was an amazing experience. Being from the equator near heck, aka Texas, being able to wear dresses and tops without a bra has felt refreshing.

Now some outfits require some support unless you have smaller boobs or surgically enhanced boobs. The next best thing is Boob Tape. I bought some from Good Lines, which I like as they come in nude colors for darker skin and will allow me to be dangerous yet supported for some of my more risque attire this year. It takes a little experimenting, depending on the size and heaviness of your girls, but it’s well worth it.

Tip 2: Closet Health Check

I always tell clients that before you go buying up the world for summer, check-in your closet first! Check to see if there are things that don’t fit well, need mending, or are just not your style anymore. While you are in there, you will find pieces you haven’t thought of that are in good shape and even possibly be remixed to be a spicy number. Once you have your closet inventory, then you can shop. I will always be of the mind that having staples will make your life easier, and it allows you to have structure for your outfits, especially if you’re going to experiment with trendy colors and patterns.

Word of advice, no matter what’s in season or hottest trend, if you aren’t 100% yes when you get it leave it on the site or rack. Some trends are cute to look at but aren’t for your body shape or lifestyle. I recently saw a cute denim jumpsuit but looking at it in more detail; it required a lot to just get into it. Fashion is meant to be fun and a form of expression, yet I see women wearing trendy pieces that swallow them up or mask their true selves. You don’t have to make a huge investment in trendy pieces unless it speaks to your heart.

Tip 3: Beauty Check

Summer beauty often gets overlooked as we go out more and wear less. Wearing complexion products like foundation can be tricky if you’re poolside. I recently picked up the Rare Beauty Tinted Moisturizer, which gives you just enough coverage to look together without the heaviness of a full foundation. I reserve my foundations for nights out or something where I will be inside.

A hot product that I reach for a lot in the summer is the Fenty Cream Blushes, as they give you that nice flush of color that wears well as the day goes on. My go-to summer beauty is brows, lips, and lashes with a little skin correction. Oh, and this is an obvious thing we wear sunscreen in this house. Make sure you have a sunscreen that supports your skin and touch it up often. Sunscreen is not something just for summer, but I know the girls can be a bit lax in the winter months.

Summer fashion is a collection of your self-expression fun, light, and vibrant. Make sure your keeping it safe and give looks this summer. If you follow me on Twitter, make sure you tag me in your fashion looks.

Revamp your style to unlock your main character

Revamp your style to unlock your main character

Your fashion makes a statement before you ever speak. When you are running errands, you may throw something on giving that don’t bother me vibe, or you could be dressed in a well-tailored suit that says I have important business to do. Fashion has always been a means of communication throughout the years. Fashion will always be a critical part of one’s overall optics. Updating your style can lead to greater opportunities for career, dating, and your life in general.

Fashion can often be forgotten about or overlooked as we think it’s all about the content of our character. In a perfect world, that would be the case. However, I recently completed an Anti-Racism Accelerator, and a point that stuck out to me was the term normalization and how it plays in our daily lives. When we resign to live and accept that things are just what they are, we cut away at our power, and this also starts to eat away at being fully present in our lives, or as the kids say, being the main character. It’s not lost on me how the daily hurdles of living as a Black woman or WOC can cause us to shrink or not be able to put our best foot forward as we juggle a million things on top of managing the various isms such as racism, sexism to name a few. In my 15 years in different professional arenas, sexism, racism, featurism, and colorism can slowly dim your light on top of the challenges of being brilliant in one’s role.

Revamping your style can feel like a daunting task to undertake. So I wrote a guide that goes over how to revamp your closet. However, in today’s post, I will give some practical advice that you can use immediately to boost your confidence and take over the world or at least that next major Zoom meeting. These tips should help you revamp your style to unlock your main character!

1. Objectively look at each item and ask what’s its purpose

Everything you own should have a purpose. I have fun, flirty dresses for the times I’m trying to boost someone’s internal thermostat and dresses that show my fun side yet professional focus. When you review your closet, ask yourself what does this piece communicate, and does it serves me well? Does the piece make me feel at my Beyonce level, or does it open me to all my insecurities about that one time I ate too many cupcakes? Each piece you own should align with what you want to communicate to the world, and it should fit you impeccably. Confidence and alignment produce brilliance, ladies!

2. Where am I on my life’s path

The fashion you wore in high school shouldn’t be the same that you wear in your mid-level career. Take time to assess where you are in life and ask does my fashion yield to my to the life I desire? If your want to take on more serious roles, be it in your corporate career or even in your private life, your fashion will play a large part. Let’s say you want to go for a promotion. You need to make sure you have fashion that you can jazz yourself up effortlessly at the drop of a dime. You may not be ready if all you have is worn-out t-shirts and ill-fitting jeans. On the flip, you could be wanting to pivot into more creative endeavors, and having a stuffy suit wouldn’t mesh with your path. Analyze everything and keep the notion of being intentional, in your pursuit of being the main character of your life.

3. Wear the clothes

This seems like a straightforward step, but I can confidently say executing your plans is not as easy as it looks. Many ladies I have worked with will take all the notes and make all the vision boards and plans, but sometimes things can prevent them when it comes to launching. When I look at my own life, often, it’s not due to lack of planning but fear. When you move out of a supporting role into the main character, the attention can be frightening. It may make others around you feel unsettled as they were used to you being their crutch in the supporting role.

I hope these things can add peace to your life as you revamp your style to unlock your main character, you! So, if you need help with revamping your fashion, hit the link and book a consult, as you deserve to invest in yourself and enjoy its benefits.

4 ways to be Spring Fresh Fashion Ready!

4 ways to be Spring Fresh Fashion Ready!

Fashion will always be something I talk about even if we are indoors. Each season allows you to pivot a little bit. Spring 2021 fashion I think will have a lot of the current cozy feel but in spring fresh colors. In this post, I’m sharing 4 ways to be Spring Fresh Fashion Ready! The trend which I look at for inspo is giving us our core colors but with a bit of razzle-dazzle.

In my research of trends for 2021 Spring Fashion things that I noticed were the colors and prints. The colors weren’t surprising but one color did stand out to me. Color trends for fashion are Mellow Yellow, Bubble Gum Pink, Magenta, Tangerine, and a soft neon Green! I’m excited about these colors as they are in the wheelhouse of the traditional but with a bit more bass.

On to the fashion trends, there are some really extra things and I pulled the top 4 trends that I feel you can translate at home because everybody isn’t about the life of the new trends such as visible thongs and bralettes as tops.

4 ways to be Spring Fresh Fashion Ready!


If you’re following my Youtube channel you would have seen my ode to the Monochromatic fashion from Inauguration Day. This look can be done so effortlessly with dark colors and bright ones. I love how you can dress this look up or down by the clothing pieces. It’s also something I feel anyone can do even on a budget.

4 ways to be Spring Fresh Fashion Ready!
Courtesy Schiaparelli

2. Bold Florals

When I think spring I often think of the small floral prints as some people are self-conscious of bold prints. I am not one of those people and love to see more bold prints that introduce you as soon as you walk in the door. I could totally see neon color floral print pieces that blends the trendy colors with the trend print.

4 ways to be Spring Fresh Fashion Ready!
Courtesy: Dolce and Gabbana Spring 2021 Fashion Show

3. Floor Length Maxi Dress

So maybe you have had some quartine pounds and you don’t want to show everything off. The floor-length maxi dress is a romantic and effortlessly chic trend for 2021. I love the look as the various fabrics can add movement while you walk and just giving that goddess-like energy.

4 ways to be Spring Fresh Fashion Ready!
Courtesy Valentino Spring 2021 Fashion Show

4. Hoodies with Skirts

Now here me out, some of the girls and pals aren’t into hyper feminne looks and this will allow you to mix a bit of the edge of a hoodie with the feminie flow of a skirt. This look also can be a bit spicy if you are bold and want to rock one of the other 2021 Spring Fashion trends which is wearing bralettes as tops. Rock your hoodie, with the bralette under showing as much as you feel comfy and a pencil skirt with pumps or boots and be that bish.

4 ways to be Spring Fresh Fashion Ready!
Courtesy Akris

I hope this post on 4 ways to be Spring Fresh Fashion Ready was helpful. I enjoyed researching this one as it allowed me to go back to my roots of fashion. Each season I would spend time reviewing the newest trends and seeing how I could create things in my closet. If you have a solid closet you are ahead of the game as you can integrate those special pieces making you the it girl.

Any of these inspire you to recreate? Let me know in the comments.

Upgrade your Beauty: 4 ways to develop your beauty style

Upgrade your Beauty: 4 ways to develop your beauty style

I want to confess something since we have been in lockdown my motivation to do a fashion post has disappeared. My style is very much feminine formal and I can’t even tell you the last time I wore heels, well maybe back in July for a date lol. But my beauty game has evolved and is still something I still rock. In this post, I’m sharing how you can upgrade your beauty 4 ways to develop your beauty style!

Your beauty style like your fashion should speak to your vibe and voice. Over the years my makeup looks have evolved from being the cake face look to a more natural light bending flow. For many years, I felt kinda trapped in having to wear a full face as I didn’t want any questions as to why.

Now that I’m turning 35, I am wanting to make sure that I max out my beauty time by doing what makes me the happiest. Also taking into consideration I don’t wear a full face of makeup anymore unless I’m filming. With the current state of the world, mask and makeup really don’t go together which means I may wear brows and lashes if I feel like it.

Wearing makeup makes me happy, in a past post, I shared how whatever you do can be meditation as long as there is intention. When I do my skincare or makeup the intent is that I will enhance my looks. It does something to my soul. I now will wear makeup even if I’m just at home because it makes me feel great. And when you feel great, great things can come!

Upgrade your Beauty: 4 ways to develop your beauty style

1.Review beauty and fashion magazines

If your new to developing your own style you may need some help with visuals. Find some magazines, I prefer physical ones or you can do a quick search on Pintrest, and collect 4-5 looks makeup looks that really make you happy.

Now compare them and see what do they have in common. It could be that they are all hyper chiseled or maybe they have that no makeup makeup look. Really hone on what about each draws you to them. This will help you understand qualities you are aiming for.

Upgrade your Beauty: 4 ways to develop your beauty style

2. Take a scroll in your pictures

Now that you have been inspired by different looks, it’s time to look at your own looks. Go through your selfies and heart your fav 5-7 looks. Do you notice any trends? For me, I tend to like my looks that either very chiseled out or when I do a very smokey look.

I always like when I do transformations to pull your current state in the mix as you may not need a total makeover but more a subtle tweak. Knowing what you currently love about yourself and your look helps you to emphasize those qualities while making some changes.

3. Review your current beauty stash

Now I love getting new beauty products, however, I will always advocate for checking your current stash before you run out to the stores or order a bunch of stuff. I hate having duplicates of things because that’s money I could have used on something new.

Thinking of the looks you are wanting to create do you have items that will allow you to achieve it already? In a past post, I always advocate for having a neutral palette that suits your skin tone, a foundation and concealer that provides you great coverage, and a solid lip color collection that comprises red, pink, and a bomb nude for your skin tone. This may sound boring but there are so many looks that can be achieved.

If your collection is a bit lacking or you don’t have a collection then this is a great time to create a list of items that will create the look. If you need help, I’m happy to help. Ulta and Sephora will be great this holiday season as many brands will create sets that will allow you to make out your beauty dollars!

Upgrade your Beauty: 4 ways to develop your beauty style

4. Enjoy your new look

This should be common sense, but now that you have developed your beauty look actually start wearing it. Have a Zoom call or your heading out for errands wear your look. This helps you to get comfortable with executing your vision.

My makeup looks have changed rocking a mask as now I really focus my attention on my eyes. I kinda like it as it gives this very sultry focus. I do miss the days of rocking a nice red lip and winged liner and looking like a pin-up but with life, you must pivot.

Still, need some look inspo? I have these looks that will help you craft a look for summer and also one for the holidays!

I hope these 4 ways to develop your beauty style were helpful. As we begin to move into the new year I think it’s a perfect time to update your look. Now at the young age of 35, I really believe as a woman one of our superpowers is transformation. We hold the power of imagination and then creation. I would love to see the new looks you create. Tag me in your pics on Instagram!